Our Offers

Our Offers

Our Offers

Positioned as a key partner for innovative or growing businesses, Avistem has designed specific legal and fiscal services for all actors wishing to take advantage, in full security, of the opportunities generated by information technologies and new financial customs.


Banking and finance law, asset management, Fintech, Insurtech

Avistem is already recognised as one of the leading firms in France for banking and financial regulations, and asset management. With its experience in providing compliance advice to banks, insurance companies, asset managers and other actors in finance, our team has developed unique know-how in digital finance (crowdfunding, market places, roboadvisors, securing payment etc.).

We have been closely involved in the enhancement of the value of the Paris Market and its capacity for financial innovation, and have directly contributed to drafting of several recent pieces of French financial legislation (the order of 30 May 2014 on crowdfunding, the Macron law, the Noe draft law etc.). We were also involved in setting up European codes of conduct (ECN Charter on Crowdfunders' Rights etc.).

We are proud to have among our clients several leading financial and insurance groups, and FinTechs and InsurTechs that are leaders in their field of activity.

Our firm is a member or partner of various professional bodies dedicated to financial innovation or professional training (Financial Innovation Department, ECN, EFE, Association Francaise du Crowdfunding Immobilier [French Association for Real Estate Crowdfunding [AFCIM] etc.) and some of our work is accredited by the Ministry for Research.


Corporate and Financing

Avistem accompanies businesses as they grow and innovate through raising finance and the acquisition of assets and securities. In particular, we have developed specific know how on corporate venturing and open innovation.


Information technologies – Data protection

In a traditional set up, the financially dominant party benefits from all the rights to the detriment of his partner, who is often younger and more innovative. We approach intellectual property differently so as to manage those rights with regard to the interests of each of the parties, and to encourage the economic growth of projects and their future applications.

Our firm and our clients are riding the wave of ODOSOS: Open Data, Open Source, Open Standards.

We advise our clients on the integration of these tools in their projects.

There are many legislative texts applicable and they may overlap or conflict with each other: IT and data protection law and labour law, stock market law, the law on the modernisation of healthcare system, the Commission d'acces aux documents administratifs [Commission for access to administrative documents (CADA)] law, the Valter law [law on the gratuitousness and procedures for the reutilisation of information in the public sector], the draft law for a digital Republic etc. A good map of the applicable legislation is the only way to manage their combined effect, integrating existing referentials, notably in terms of security and interoperability.

We often work constructively with the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés [National Commission for IT and Civil Liberties (French data protection body) (CNIL)], for example in matters of conflict between two or more legislative provisions of equal precedence.

Our firm has been appointed the IT and Data Protection Correspondent for certain of our Clients and we are a member of the Association Française des Correspondants à la protection des Données à caractère Personnel - Correspondants Informatique et Libertés [French Association of Personal Data Protection Correspondents - IT and Data Protection Correspondents (AFCDT)].


Taxation of businesses and their managers

We advise businesses and their managers with taxation matters, both in connection with the daily conduct of their activity or with exceptional operations. Our assistance is both preventative and curative, and may concern defence or indeed an offensive stance in response to inspections by the tax authorities. 

In our constant aim of providing our clients with greater legal security in their operations, we carry out our mission of prevention and correction by providing advice and following through its implementation. For this purpose we rely on our experience with the positions and expectations of the tax authorities and our in-depth knowledge of the economical environment in which our clients operate.  These assets are just as useful in the settlement of disputes between businesses or their managers and the tax authorities.


Environmental law and renewable energy sources

We are convinced that compliance with environmental regulations must be at the core of the strategy of any modern business. Moreover, there are a great number of innovative businesses in the fields of GreenTech and renewable energy sources, and they require corresponding legal assistance. With the creation of a dedicated department, Avistem is able to offer services that meet the required standards for this crucial matter for our society. 


Publications, conferences and awards

Our firm regularly takes part in conferences, debates, training sessions on subjects relating to new technologies, personal data, corporate finance, taxation, the environment, financial regulations and FinTechs etc. Many articles or works on these subjects have been published in legal, professional or economical journals.

From the moment it was founded, Avistem featured among the best French law firms for financial law in the Décideurs 2016 rankings. We also have strong expertise in the information technology law, corporate finance, the taxation of innovation, and the environment and renewable energy sources, and we also intend to position ourselves very quickly as key players in these areas.




Notre Actualité

  • Intervention de Dominique Stucki et Sylvain Clavé au Fiworkshop du Pôle Finance Innovation « ICO et levées de fonds », Palais Brongniart, Paris, le 3 juillet 2018
  • Participation d’Avistem à la « Fin&Tech Community », le 27 juin 2018, Palais Brongniart, Paris
  • Conférence de Dominique Stucki à la Fête de la Finance Alternative sur le thème « Blockchain et nouveaux financements », Lille, le 23 juin 2018
  • Intervention de Dominique Stucki aux Défis Options Finance Financement des PME/ETI, sur le thème « ETI/PME et marchés financiers : qu’est-ce qui est accessible ? », Salons de l'Hôtel des Arts et Métiers, Paris, le 13 juin 2018
  • Participation de Dominique Stucki au Jury du Grand Prix « Technologie et Innovation Immobilière » des Assises de la Pierre-Papier et de l'Investissement Immobilier Agefi Actifs, Hôtel Le Méridien Etoile, Paris, 11 juin 2018