Information technology, information systems and security

• Analysis of problems in connection with technologies and labour law (ethics hotline, charter of the use of information technologies and communication, internal regulations, security policy, management of electronic messaging, choice of archiving solutions etc.);

• Drafting and negotiation of contracts (facilities management cloud, software distribution notably using the saas model, software integration and implementation, software licensing and maintenance) ;

• Drafting documents relating to calls for tenders (public procurement contracts) for setting up information systems.

Data & Privacy

Sylvie Jonas has been appointed the IT and Data Protection Correspondent for several legal entities and has ensured their compliance.

• IT and Data Protection audit;

• Research on personal data processing and declarations to the CNIL (cross-border flow of data within and outside the EU, Safe Harbor, Binding Corporate Rules) and drafting the corresponding agreements;

• Audit and compliance of the web services platform;

• Approval of retail site with respect to information provided to the consumer and the collection and processing of personal data;

• Study of personal data processing for HR files (pay, skill assessments, staff management, videosurveillance, Intranet, stock option plans) with hosting and transfer of data abroad;

• Consultation and auditing for the transfer of files and merger/acquisition operations;

• Drafting intra-group "Privacy" charters for multinational businesses;

• Consultations on applicable French and European regulations (multi-country consultations) on matters of personal data protection and the operational implementation of projects for the centralised and global management of databases, in particular in the sectors of telecommunications, insurance and finance.

Telecommunications and networks

• Negotiation of data and voice transmission services agreements (fixed and mobile telephony services);

• Consultations on the French legal regime governing the supply of telecommunications services and licences for US, Canadian and Japanese clients;

• Negotiations of contracts for the permanent utilisation of space capacity;

• Audit of telecommunications licences, service agreements, contracts for services and intellectual property rights in the context of acquisition operations.