How we work and our fees policy

How we work and our fees policy

In-depth knowledge of certain economic sectors

please click for source To ensure that the solutions we offer are relevant, we keep our knowledge and know-how up-to-date at all times by monitoring the innovations and changes in the market in which our clients operate.

The greater majority of our clients belong to sectors that are heavily influenced by technology, such as banking/insurance, healthcare, the environment and life science, media and telecommunications, regulated professions etc. Avistem fosters in-depth knowledge of these sectors of activity (economic models, regulatory authorities etc.), which enables the firm to position itself as a strategic partner with an approach geared to the economic development of its clients. In this way, Avistem provides its client with high added value.

Our method: "multi-specialisation", new technologies and coordinated teamwork

To provide a service that is of high quality, transversal and financially optimised, Avistem has based the organisation of the firm on the technical specialisation of each lawyer, the use of innovative legal tools and efficient coordination between lawyers: source

  • a referring partner is in contact with the client at all times and supervises the ongoing collaboration between all staff involved and follows up the timetable and budget of the assignment;
  • assisting the referring partner there are other partners or senior associates who are experts in the relevant speciality and have in-depth knowledge of the field of activity of the client;

click to see more the legal databases, software and communication methods used allow cases to be dealt with quickly, efficiently and in a modern manner.  

Pricing: visibility and competitiveness

In the interests of rigorous management and certainty with regard to the legal and fiscal cases on which it is instructed, Avistem offers services at a flat rate whenever possible. For services invoiced on the basis of time spent, an agreement sets out the applicable rates in accordance with the seniority of the lawyers and the difficulty of the matters, and a breakdown of services provided is available to clients for inspection. The transparency of our fees is fundamental in maintaining a strong relationship of trust with our clients this web page.

please click for source Moreover, thanks to our specialisation and experience, we are able to pool our know-how for the benefit of our clients and offer them services of high added value at a controlled cost.

Our values: vision and listening to our clients

We are legal professionals firmly looking towards the future. We decided to modernise the traditional model of the legal profession to provide a better service to businesses as we accompany them through the sociological and technological evolutions of their business sectors.

We listen attentively to our clients and understand their needs, and focus on anticipating the evolution of their economic environment, enabling us to propose solutions that tailored, innovative and offer legal and fiscal security. With the ever-changing nature of their markets, we have to find flexible and adaptable responses. Lastly, with the ever-increasing technicality of cases and the budgetary constraints of our clients, we capitalise on our expertise gained from our other matters to optimise the efficiency of our advice. Our approach therefore consists in offering standardized services which are tailored to the particular requirements of each client.

Our modern way of functioning and our confident approach to the future are combined with high value placed on compliance with ethical and societal standards, guaranteeing the sustainable and ethical development of the finances of our clients.


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