AVISTEM is a commercial law firm geared to innovation, growth and the financing thereof.

Our aim is to provide businesses with legal and fiscal solutions that are both secure and creative, and adapted to the current economic revolution.

With our experience in providing advisory and litigation services to our clients and our practical understanding of their requirements, we have built up a range of services that is structured, specialised, competitive and agile, with the aim of enabling our clients to respond successfully to the challenges of this new industrial era, defined in particular by:

  • a complete overhaul due to digital and technological transition (robots, connected objects, big data);
  • the unprecedented risk of cybersecurity;
  • the ever increasing innovations for use and the fundamental transformation of production, distribution and consumption models (demonstrated by the decreasing role of intermediaries and the sharing economy);
  • a new organisation of work, research and inter-company cooperation;
  • and new environmental standards.

We advise large private groups, investment funds, SMEs, dynamic start ups and public bodies.